Growth is the key

We combine Facebook, LinkedIn, Kickstarter, Google and add our own spices

We want it clean

Health is the primary goal for the Balkans, our starting point

Ideas, resources, preparing and defined projects

Suggest/get ideas, offer/find resources, prepare/join preparing projects, start/invest in the future growth

Be true to oneself

We use activity walls, likes, stars and comments to be transparent

What People Say

Dvorana is very helpful for running projects related to ecology (sustainable development). It connects people and provides space for experience sharing. It also supports businesses and helps them avoid mistakes and grab opportunities.

Marija Ćosović
PhD researcher in Forest Ecology
Forest Research Centre, Lisbon

We are the team

Both Nikola and Timi feel blessed to have an opportunity of joining 500!

Nikola Radišić

Faculty of Organizational Sciences, AIESEC

500 Startups

Investor maximum equity share

Timotej Pregl

Faculty of Economics and Business, AIESEC

Earning in money

5% of every invested project

We want to achieve everything with minimum input

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